I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. ~3John 1:4

With three of our children now serving in three different countries around the world, we thought this would be the best and easiest way for our friends and family to follow them on their journeys and watch as they learn, grow, and share their experiences. Lance is a combat medic in the US Army and is deployed to Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne Air Assault, Nicki is serving an 18-month mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in New Mexico, and Hunter is serving a two year mission in Honduras. We are so blessed!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hola! From the Mexio MTC!

Elder Ririe's first letters from the Mexico Missionary Training Center!!!

Hey! I made it here safely! This is an awesome place! I found out that Elder Oaks will be coming here to dedicate this MTC!!! Our first plane ride got delayed for about an hour but we all made it to the next flight just fine! Oh and I like to use exclamation marks.... But my companion is Elder Haney and I cant remember where he's from. But I met a few elders from all throughout the country! Oh and I'll get you my favorite Missionary scripture soon... hahaha but anyway back to the elders...I found out that most of them are from Utah and are going to Honduras San Pedro Sula West!!! Tell Tanner that there are a few presents on my tv stand and tell him to take good care of them!!! This is just so awesome! I'm trying to make a long letter so I'll look like a good missionary son.. haha 

I love you all!  This is going to be incredible!

Love, Elder H. Ririe

Hey!!! so my p days are Tuesdays but I have not been getting the Dear Elder mails.  I got to see Elder oaks!!! Look for me in the church magazine cuz they interviewed a group of hermanas and elders and I got to be a part of that so I'll be either in the Engisn or the Liahona!

The CCM is awesome I love it here!! My distirct is cool also Elder Hayne is from Seattle Washington and we pretty much have the same exact taste in music. haha  Elder Havili (our DL) it turns out that he played running back for UCLA! Make sure you ask Dennis if he has heard of Havili . Elder Alberts is from Missouri and I dont know much about him, but those are my Elders from my district!!

Oh, can you please send some contact solution?!  I'm not able to purchase any at the MTC and I only brought the small travel size bottle.  

I'm sending those Dear Elders and ill try to share some with me district but tell every one that I love and miss them and ill be back in no time hahaha.

Love, Elder H. Ririe

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